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There are strong competitors in the space like Ethereum Name Service or Unstoppable Domains, which have sold almost 4 million web3 domains together. Suri's focus on digital identity sets it apart from the pack.
In the following picture we can see our main competitors in the web3 domains field:
table of domain competitors
Web3 domain competitors
What makes Suri different from all those projects is that:
  • Suri is not focused on internet navigation but in being an identity provider.
  • Suri does not aim to integrate within DNS.
  • Suri is powered by Solana, therefore we have low fees and high TPS to bring in the next billion of users to web3.
  • Users can buy any suri level, so there's no need for .something at the end of the domain.
  • Suris include a payment automation system together with the identification vertical.
  • We support any protocol, present or future.