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Suris, also known as suri names or suri domains, are the base of the project. They are built hierarchically: upper levels (parents) manage their inner levels (children). The root of the tree is the suri root domain . and, from the root, each parent can have multiple children.
solana suri
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Suris represent a digital identity of a resource, person, company, etc., and can be used to contain user's public profile, a freelance portfolio, a project website, a NFT collection, in the end, anything you can think of. Within a suri, the owner can either create inner suris for his personal use, or resell them at his discretion.
Here's a comparison of a potential use case of a brand called Fakebook, with several use cases such as a corporate webpage and localised versions:
Web2 - DNS
Web3 - SURI
Main suri / General website
Localised website

Top Level Suris

Top Level Suris (TLS) are the first level names, i.e. single words without upper o inner levels, for example the TLS of is suri.
Allowing people to buy TLSs makes suris more rememberable and have shorter names.
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