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My name is being used, what can I do?

If your name is in use, you need to pick another one, the same way you would do in any social network. For example if looking fo suri but it belongs to another user, try other alternative like suri2023 or suri_domains.

If the name is a recognisable brand, entity or noteworthy user, contact us through our Discord to evaluate your request.

What characters can be included in a suri domain?

Suri supports a subset of the Unicode map and follows these rules:

  • Names can't be empty

  • Names can contain dashes (-) but they can't start or end with one

  • Allowed character sets are:

    • Unicode XID continuation

    • Unicode Number

    • Emoji Pictographic

    • Emoji Component

What are the prices for a Suri?

Suri prices are set following the critaria of character scarcity:

  • 1 character: 10000 USDC

  • 2 characters: 1000 USDC

  • 3 characters: 100 USDC

  • 4 characters: 10 USDC

All supported characters count as 1 but CJK characters count as 2. This rules is present to balance prices across languages, due to in CJK languages a single character can express a complex idea.

Can I use other any other token to buy a suri?

Every suri defines the payment model needed to acquire a sub suri so actually you can use any token you want, even NFTs.

Regarding suris owned by the project, like TLS, the official token is USDC but we can temporarily support other tokens from partners that can provide some benefits to the project.


Can I sell my suris?

Yes you can. Suri includes two options for secondary markets:

  • Buy offers: buyer makes an offer to buy a specific suri for a given amount of tokens. Suri owners decide whether to accept offers or not.

  • Sale offers: suri owners list their suris to be purchased for a specific amount of tokens. Buyers then choose which suri they want.

Is there any fee for buying/selling suris?

Yes, there is a fee payed in SOL to Suri every time a purchase or a sale is accepted by the other peer. The amount of this fee can vary depending on conditions but at the time of writing this (2023-05-03), the fee is 0.0002 SOL

What tokens can I use to buy/sell a suri?

There is no restriction for tokens, that is, you can choose your preferred token(s) or NFTs and fill the offer with them. Only have in mind that in the end the other peer must agree with those tokens, so if they don't have any value, it's probably that he rejects the offer.


Are suris NFTs?

No, suris are a singular entity inside SUNS.

Can my suri be associated with a NFT?

Yes! This is an incredible feature we support in SUNS. NFTs are a special account in SUNS, therefore NFTs can have any kind of tokens or NFTs inside SUNS as well as multiple suris, so everytime the they move to another solana wallet, the owner changes automatically.


Why don't we use SNS, ENS or any other?

Those name services are meant only for navigation. They are not suitable as identity providers. We want to provide a better experience for our users, that's the reason behind building SUNS.

When does my suri expire?

Your suri can expire under two conditions:

  1. The expiration date of the suri is reached and no auto-renovation has been set up.

  2. You don't have enough funds to pay all the payment methods define in the contract with the parent suri.

What happens when my suri expires?

If your suri expires, its version is increased, its data removed and eventually any associated data too. Depending on parent suri's rules, it will be introduce in the market to be purchased again.

What does it mean suris are versioned?

Suris have a version that express who is the actual owner of the suri. When a suri changes its owner following any of the internal processes, the version is increased reflecting this change.

External data providers/verifiers need to check that the information they are looking for corresponds with the version of the suri, if not they are using an outdated data, so it should not be used neither accepted in any platform.

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