This section will be fully available in the Q3 of 2023.

Agreements are a special entity in SUNS that allows suris to define contracts or agreements between them. Moreover, they have the option to define payment between parities, adding the ability of setting up financial agreements too.

Agreements come with the following benefits:

  • Proof-of-interaction: any interaction with the agreement is registered by the blockchain, therefore, anyone can trace what happened and at what moment.

  • Laws compliance: because everything is traceable, agreements and their interactions can be presented as proofs in legal processes.

  • Zero set-up costs: agreements have no costs regarding Suri but the blockchain-related costs. Forget about paying expensive notarial costs.

  • Cheap automated payments: while traditional payment gateways charge a high % of the transaction, suri only charges a small fixed fee to automate the payments, so companies will reduce costs from the beginning.

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