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This is the initial roadmap of Suri. The milestones included here are a first approach to the development of Suri but can change depending on the feedback from our partners and community.

2023 - Q2

  • Finish WebApp
  • Add public decentralised storage for user profiles
  • Launch beta
  • Involve users and first communities

2023 - Q3

  • Add contract agreements
  • Add sub suris
  • Add fluid payment models
  • Add NFT collection payments
  • Add sale/buy offers to open a secondary market and DeFi opportunities
  • Launch web browser extension
  • Launch SUNS SDKs

2023 - Q4

  • Add extra accounts for SUNS
  • Add private decentralised storage and encrypted data
  • Add KYC identifications
  • Add OAuth
  • Launch API and SDKs

2024 - Q1

  • Audit code
  • Launch the CR

2024 - Q2

  • Open source SUNS