SUNS is an on-chain program in the Solana blockchain that allows users to operate with suris. Its name comes from the acronym SUri Name Service. It is a decentralised alternative to web2 counterparts like the DNS system, which is ultimately managed by ICANN.

The protocol stores on-chain the suris' information, their configuration, how they must pay their parent, etc. SUNS also offers an interface to interact with the suris so people can buy or sell them, configure them, etc. directly on-chain.

SUNS is divided in the following individual entities that interact between them to handle all the logic of the infrastructure:

  • Accounts: the ownership containers for suris and tokens.

  • Contract templates: the conditions a suri defines to sell its sub suris to others. Including how and when pay for them.

  • Registers: contains the information related to suris.

  • Agreements: contracts between parties optionally with payments between them.

  • Offers: sale or buy offers to acquire suris in a secondary market.

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