Payment Models

SUNS offer different payment models that can be combined to customise the experience of the users or support any kind of contract and conditions. There are currently 4 different types of payment models:

  • Single payments: payments that get executed only one time. For example: pay an entry fee.

  • Subscriptions: recurrent payments. For example: pay subscription to Netflix.

  • On-demand payments: payments that depend on external events and are included manually. For example: purchase a film in Prime Video.

  • Fluid payments: payments that can be claimed at any time. The claimable amount varies depending on the % of the time till the end. For example: vesting for owning or staking an NFT.

All payments can be independently delayed to be applied at any moment once a contract or agreement is established.

Discounts & Penalties

All payment models can have configurable discounts and penalties that can get activated under certain conditions.


Reactions are actions taken when some payment-related events happen. For example, activate a discount when a subscription month is reached.


  • A delayed subscription allows to set up a free period at the beginning and then start charging the user.

  • Vesting system for NFT holders using fluid payments.

  • Pay salaries using a monthly subscription.

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